Welcome! And a map of the Seven Worlds

What better way to start the journey?

Seven Worlds Map

I’ve been working on Thorn of Concordia, my first novel, for almost two years now. Since the novel uses the worldbuilding I did for my game, Seven Worlds, what better way to start this blog than by sharing this gorgeous map of the Seven Worlds circa the year 2217!

There is a long story behind this map, which I won't share here (because otherwise, what else would I blog about later?). What I will share is that this 2-D map was created after the original setting was created in 3-D, using a program called Astrosynthesis. Doing the worldbuilding in 3-D allows for a degree of realism around distances and star positioning that will become important as the plot moves along. But why read about it when you can watch a video I made for the role-playing game?

Are you interested in reading the book yet?

And in case you're wondering who made this beauty of a map: It was made by Keith Curtis, the amazing designer who did all the maps and schematics for Seven Worlds, including the space elevator that will appear in a future book.

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