Analyzing SF space opera reading patterns (Oct 2022 Edition)

The text below comes from a Twitter thread I wrote on October 24, 2022. I’ve belatedly decided to move it to a post on my site. I’m starting to use Threads more now, so I’ve updated the account links from X to Threads for authors who’ve announced they’ve moved shop. Can I improve my query letters using data? While I await replies to my queries (#AmQuerying) I decided to do some data analysis on checkout patterns for books similar to Thorn of Concordia, my SF space opera manuscript, using Seattle Public Library open data. [Read More]

Welcome! And a map of the Seven Worlds

What better way to start the journey?

I’ve been working on Thorn of Concordia, my first novel, for almost two years now. Since the novel uses the worldbuilding I did for my game, Seven Worlds, what better way to start this blog than by sharing this gorgeous map of the Seven Worlds circa the year 2217! There is a long story behind this map, which I won't share here (because otherwise, what else would I blog about later? [Read More]